Dust Control

Roadtek offers two types of dust control product:

Road Dust Control: Lignin & Asphalt - Seattle, WA | Roadtek, Inc. - 8Lignin - Our product is “Certified Organic” and is a wood by-product from pulp mills. Advantages are that it works well with dirt & thick powdered dust. It has a low initial cost, but is water-soluble and may require more than one application during the season.

Asphalt - A petroleum by-product.  Advantages are that it is not water-soluble, therefore, it lasts longer. Asphalt also has more “binding” power and is better at binding small gravel together. This strong binding power is why it is used to pave roads. When asphalt dust control is used repetitively, it will build into a pavement-like surface.

Both of these products need to be properly mixed, temperature controlled and evenly applied. Roadtek uses asphalt distributor trucks, which are computer controlled and specifically designed for spray applications. The boom can be adjusted from 1' to 18' wide; we also have the capability to hand-spray in tight areas to ensure the product is placed where it needs to go.

The Advantages of Dust Control:

Improved Health – Lingering dust invades your air supply and can cause a wide variety of respiratory health problems. Excessive dust can be particularly dangerous to children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Safer Driving Conditions – Dust control leads to improved road conditions and improved driver visibility. This leads to overall safer driving conditions and decreased risks caused by soft spots, road roughness, flying rocks, or other hazards.

Stable Soil – Reduced wind erosion means a lower amount of foreign sediment in nearby surface waters.  Additionally, your vehicles and property will stay cleaner, longer.

Agricultural Crops – Reduce your chemical dependence on controlling the balance of Pest and Predators in your orchards and fields. By keeping the dust down you will lower your costs, use less chemicals, improve the quality of your crop and achieve higher yields.